Major Customers
Franchised Lines

DC-DC Converters 1W to 50W & AC-DC Power Modules 4W to 60W

Circit breaker and Protectors Bimental Thermostats

DC-DC Converter upto 100W & AC-DC Power Supplies upto 100W

DC-DC Converters
AC-DC Converters



DC-DC Converters
AC-DC Converters
Special Converters

Switching Power Supplies & DC/DC Converters





Ceramic Cap., Inductor ferrite products & High frequency dielectric components

Quatz Frequency Control Components

SMD Resistors, Leaded Resistors & Other Passive Components

Standard Rectifiers, Schottky, Zener and TVS Diodes, Single Phase & 3 Phase Bridge Rectifiers



NAND FLASH Products & DRAM Modules.

High Brightness LED's, IR LED'S / Photos Transistors, SMD LED and Displays

Digital TFT LCD module, Dot Matrix-LCD module, FSTN, STN & Graphic LCD module

Displays, Color TFT LCD, LCD - Graphic & Character



LCD Display

TFT LCD Displays & Graphic Display modules

Internal & External Conn., Fiber Optic Conn., Coaxial Conn. & High-Frequency Devices

RF Coaxial Connectors, RF Cable Assemblies & Quick Lock Connectors



Spring loaded connectors-SLC & PAD connectors, PGA/BGA/PLCC sockets, DIL/SIL/TO sockets

RF, Microwave, Milimeterwave connectors, M399012 QPL connectors and M55339 QPL adapters

QPL approved MIL-C-17 Coaxial cables, Mil-Spec and Commercial Wire & Cable

Circular Connectors, Fiber Optic Connectors & PCB Connectors




Push button switches, Right angle switches & Illuminated switches

Fight Simulation Controls, Industrial Joysticks & Trackballs

iButton probes
iButton reader
iButton holders



Rotary Switches, Keylock switches, Illuminated, Encoder switches& Custom switches

Rotary Switches, Optical & Mechanical Encoder, Custom Keypads, Panels & Assemblies

Battery & Coin Cell Holders, Plugs, Pins, Jacks & Sockets, Terminal & Terminal Boards

EMI Shieldings, Cunductive Foam & Elastomers



Brushless DC and AC Colling Fans

Eurocage Electronic Packaging Solutions, Extruded Aluminum Card Guide Assemblies, Rugged card cages, Group Companies - Triple E, Xtech & Purcell

Ultra Lightweight aluminium slides, latches and retainers

Spectrum Analyzer, PIMD Analyzer, RFID Protocol Analzer/ Simulator, Radar Simulator, Target, Generator, RF Components - Filters, Duplexer, Triplexer, Couplers, Equalizers, Waveform Analyzer



Lumped Component Filters, Cavity Filters, Ceramic Filters, Multiplexers & Diplexers

5KHz to 60 GHz Wideband LNAs, Medium Power Ampiliers & Waveguide Amplifiers

Coaxial & Drop-In circulators/isolators up to 20Ghz, Fixed Attenuators, Variable Attenuators, Terminations, Cable Assemblies, Power Dividers, DC Blocks

Switches, Digital Step Atteenuators, Digitally Tunable Capacitors (DTCs), Prescalers, PLL Frequency Synthesizers



1MHz and 3GHz Harmonic filter banks, 1MHz and 3GHz high power couplers, 1MHz and 3GHz splitters/ combiners

EMI filters, Bulkhead Mounted EMI/RFI Low-Pass Filters, Low-cost & High quality Feed -thru capacitors

Rectangular Waveguide Components, Ridged Waveguide WRD750 & WRD650 Components, Solid State Pi Diode comonents like attenuators, Switches etc.

PLDRO's, PLXO's, PLCRO's, FRDRO's from 300 MHz to 40Ghz.



High performance Super Low Phase Noise PLL Synthesizers, Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Coaxial Resonator Oscillators, Yig Replacement Oscillators , and NON Ceramic Stripline filters from 10MHz to 9GHz

Coaxial ,Drop-in, Surface Mount , Microstrip, Waveguide RF Isolators & RF Circulators from 3000MHZ to 18GHz

High Powered Amplifiers (Up to 40Watts), Low- noise Amplifiers & Amplifiers Subassemblies

"Broadband Conicals, RF & Microwave Air coils, Fixed Inductors (MIL-PRF-83446), Tunable Inductors (MIL-PRF-15305) & Spiral Chip Inductors



MMIC Products like SMT Dividers, Wide Band Gain Block, SiGe Gain Block & High Power Amplifier

Wearable Antennas ,Gooseneck Antennas, Peel & Stick Antenna, Vehicles Antennas ,UAV Antennas, Point to Point Antennas ,Covert/Low Observable Antennas & RF photonic transceivers.

SAW Filters & Modules (Space Qualified)

Eurocage electronic packaging solutions like Front panels, metal front panel handles, extruded aluminum card guide assemblies, rugged card cages, backplanes, power supplies and enclosures for VME (1101.01).,VME64x (1101.10),VXI,PCI and cPCI systems.




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